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meet brazil's first phygital - physical and digital - brand. click here and discover the future of fashion!

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discover the collections




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travel line

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Creativity and Innovation are part of my DNA. My parents met at the Rio de Janeiro’s College of Fine Arts painting posters for the Teatro Municipal Carnival Ball. I grew up inventing things - toys, accessories, clothes, objects. I learned very early to think outside the box, and I soon understood that I wouldn't fit into any.

I got my major in Communications and a postgraduate degree in Cinema. I worked for a few years as an assistant director, then ventured into a Brazilian technology start-up until 2010, when I decided to invest in my passion and created a brand called
le modiste, where I spent a decade developing and licensing prints and products in Brazil and Europe .

I discovered Web3 a year ago and this new technology blew my mind. Within this context, I discovered Digital Fashion and its countless possibilities with a carbon footprint up to 97% smaller than the traditional industry.

I decided to dive into this new universe and launch the first
phygital brand in Brazil - pieces that exist in the real and virtual world. Each item has a digital twin in the form of an NFT that gives the holder several benefits, including participating in the development of upcoming collections. I want to build a more sustainable and inclusive future for fashion, and I think this is the way to go. Wanna join me? :)
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lilli kessler ® since 2010 | | Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro | instagram @lillikessler
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