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Ever heard about digital clothing and accessories? swipe right and discover the future of fashion!

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Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, I perspire creativity. I grew up surrounded by a stunning nature that inspires me all the time. From print design to a wide range of products, to art direction of movie sets and decoration of spaces, my business is to color and innovate. I love everything that is multipurpose, things made to last and pieces with stories to tell.

Graduated in Advertising but with an artist's DNA - my parents met at the School of Fine Arts. Always passionate about movies, I went to the US to study Cinema at UCLA. When I returned to Rio I worked in one of the largest production companies in the city, until I was invited to become an executive in an international internet company. After a few years in the corporate world, I decided to change course again and dedicate myself to what I love to do most - create! Thus, in 2010, the brand le modiste was born.

I started by transforming old furniture, objects, and clothing into new, personality-filled pieces. Soon I began to develop prints to use in this process, and discovered a new passion! It was then that I decided to focus solely on the creation and licensing of my designs. I won important clients in Brazil and Europe showing that the "carioca" (from Rio) lifestyle can be chic and fun. Trendy is to consume consciously. Style is timeless ;)
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lilli kessler ® since 2010 | | Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro | instagram @lillikessler
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