bikini couture

The Bikini Collection will be based on double-side/reversible concept:
Double color, same color in 2 materials (like velvet and lycra) or original pattern and solid color combination.
This means increased value, because you buy one piece but you get up to four diferent combinations.
Top and Bottom sold separately to give the customer more freedom of choice as colors or sizes.
Two different options for the bottom - Brazillian shape and European shape.
“Made in Brazil” is the key to have a top product with reasonable price - high-quality materials, made by the best local factories. 
Every collection will have limited and numbered items only – this creates exclusivity and a sense of urgency.
BIKINI COUTURE because The Iconic Collection will be available every season made by classics colors and became the base to develop CUSTOM MADE service.

made in brazil

Lilli Kessler Bikini Couture will operate at in English and Spanish with an exclusive focus on online swimwear retail. (Only companies established in the city of Rio may have a .rio domain)
Lilli Kessler Bikini Couture will give consumers a different type of product in terms of both design, attitude and image
All products will have the brand RJ (Rio de Janeiro's official brand, only for companies established in the city)
Control over local production and copyright over prints
Why invest in exporting products from Brazil?
It is the kind of service that pays less taxes. All resources from exports in Brazil can be withheld in accounts abroad and have no need to be repatriated.
Why invest on online bikini sales?
It is a light and small product that’s hassle-free and manageable - it can be sent through the mail anywhere in the world with low cost.
Easy to return and exchange, makes the product more well accepted.
Americans spend on average $8 billion per year in bikinis.
American women buy an average of 4 bikinis per year.

eco conscious

Our bikinis will use fabric that makes sustainable use of industrial water in the dyeing and printing process, thus allowing the use of reuse water and avoiding the consumption of drinking water. The fabric is made of Amni Soul Eco, which is a biodegradable polyamide yarn, with an improved formula that allows all clothes with this innovative technology to decompose quickly after being properly disposed of in landfills. The fabric also has protection against UV rays.
Sustainable packaging is also in our goals. No plastic will be used. The pieces will come in fabric bags made with the same fabric leftovers and the paper tag will be made of seed paper, a craft paper that can be planted and it will grown cute flowers or spices, depending on the seed we choose. 

business case study

Modelled on the success of Triangl Swimwear - grown to $60 million per year annual sales in 3 years since inception purely via online sales.
Founded in 2012 with $10,000, that the founders raised selling their belongings online. During the first few months they sold their production to department stores who took a minimum 90 days to pay, and lowered the profit margins with price cuts. A few months later they raised with friends a loan of $25,000 and adopted a new vertical business model:
- Selling straight to the final customer
- Selling only online
- Never go on sale
Marketing strategy
Focus: massive media exposure through social media
Strategy: offer celebrities and fashion bloggers the products to attract instant attention to the brand
Main platform: Instagram, today with almost 3,000,000 followers     
Main markets:         
  • 1° US, which represents 250% more than the second largest one         
  • 2° Australia
  • 3° Canada
  • 4° UK
  • 5° Germany
  • 6° Russia
  • 7° Sweden     
- In only two years Triangl reached a $5 million evaluation, and the estimate for 2015 was to close the year with $25 million in sales. - Last year 120,000 bikinis were sold by the brand during the summer in the North Hemisphere.
- Last year’s Black Friday they sold $90k, without going on sale. 

why lilli kessler brand

Licensed lines for clients in Brazil and Europe with her own exclusive prints and innovative designs in a range of products such as fabric made sunglasses, suitcases, handbags, umbrellas, furniture, stationary, souvenirs...
Developed lines for three consecutive editions of Rock in Rio (one of the world’s largest music and entertainment festivals), instituting a new business model through double licensing  – a model that incorporates harmony across the design of the entire assortment of products that large events sell rather than simply slapping logos on existing products.
The concept aims to go the extra mile to have a more appealing visual unity of all the art specific to the brand and the events themselves.
Invited to design products under the same business model for Maracanã, the most famous Brazilian stadium, which just opened its brand for licensing for the very first time after 65 years. 
International brand awareness for the last 10 years
Numerous appearances in Brazilian and European magazines, as well as products clippings. Click here to check out more.

strategic advantages

  • In each collection all pieces match among themselves
  • Top and bottom sold separately to give the customer more freedom of choice
  • All pieces are double-sided/reversible - buy one and get two
  • All models are adjustable
  • Exclusivity - limited and numbered items only 
  • Gifts like sandals and beach blankets/sarongs, with the same prints as the bikinis, to social influencers and customers who achieve a certain buyer status – bonuses programs.
  • The product cannot be easily copied – total control under local production and full author rights on the patterns.
  • High-quality eco sustainable materials, made by the top factory in Brazil

inclusive beauty

We believe that women should look like the best version of themselves, instead of constantly trying to achieve an almost always unobtainable fashion industry standard. We understand the impact of a super model's image for a brand, specially a new one, but we also know that to be successful in this changing market we must mirror our customers' wishes and expectations.
The selfie culture has helped the growth of beauty product sales to such an extent that the industry is now worth more than £30 billion to the UK economy, outstripping more traditional sectors. Over the last years there has been a significant step-change in this industry, with both established brands and new players embracing inclusive beauty and celebrating diversity across variables such as race, gender, and age. Fashion also has begun to strive for diversity so this is the perfect time to launch a start-up that pioneers inclusive beauty and that will help make inclusivity the new industry standard.
That's why we want to have in all of our campaigns a mix of different real women with a supermodel, creating a dreamy yet achievable image.
Example of successfull lingerie brand Savage X Fenty, launched by Rihanna in May 2018.
It has also focused on a social and digital first view of marketing the brand. The entire pre-launch and tease strategy took place on Instagram, in a very focused and controlled partnership with the singer.

meet our spokesmodel

Adriana Lima is a Brazilian model and actress, best known as a Victoria's Secret Angel from 1999 to 2018. She was the longest-running model and named "the most valuable Victoria's Secret Angel" in 2017. She is also known as a spokesmodel for Maybelline cosmetics since 2003, and for her Super Bowl and Kia Motors commercials.
Lima is currently ranked by as one of the "New Supers". She has served as brand ambassador for the clothing brand Desigual based in Barcelona, Spain, for the Beachwear collection of Italian brand Calzedonia, and for the ready-to-wear collection of Italian brand Sportmax. She is currently an ambassador for IWC, Puma, and Chopard. Check out her website and Instagram page.

meet the team

Fashion Designer | Product Developer
Start-up Project Manager
Brand Ambassador
Fashion Designer | Marketing
Financial Advisor
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